💵Buying & Selling

Open Marketplace

All of the playable characters can be purchase from a number of marketplaces. The NFT Leaguez team does not set the market price of its assets. Please only purchase after considering your own ability to part way with any funds.

Here you can see a list of the 'approved' marketplaces that we as a project have vetted;

After you have read the CHARACTER TRAITS & DNA STATS sections and feel ready to buy, then simply head over to either of the above marketplaces to purchase your dream team.

Keep in mind, you will only be able to instantly purchase character's that are listed for sale. If they aren't listed, you can make an offer on them or you can try negotiate with the owner in our community Discord 👾 server.

Our Community

If you find a character that you really want but its not listed for sale, then you could jump into our Discord 👾 server and call out to see who owns the character you want.

The safest way to conduct the transaction is to have the owner agree to a price you are willing to buy the character for & get them to accept the offer you have placed. Alternatively, the owner can list the item for sale at the agreed price, which you can then purchase. This however could mean that someone else who sees the listed item for sale could also go to purchase it & whoever completes the transaction first will become the new owner.

When participating in our community, please be respectful of others & do not act aggressively or threaten violence. This is not tolerated.

Just stay safe, use common sense & never share any information like wallet seed phrases, private keys, credit card or bank account details.

Some places you can connect with the Leaguez community & stay updated on future features include;

  • Discord 👾

  • Twitter 🐦

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