Player selects 3 NFT characters from their roster.

The first player to confirm their team quickest is the player that will get to start the round & shoot first!

The first player to reach "X" points is the winner (The number of points can be adjusted & agreed by both players before the 1st round begins).

Each round, one player will select a single action for their chosen NFT character.

The game will continue to be played until a winner is declared.


  • 2 Point Shot (IF successful, 2 points awarded).

  • 3 Point Shot (IF successful, 3 points awarded).

  • Steal (IF successful, 1 point awarded).

  • Block (IF successful, the blocker automatically will go for a 2 Point Shot & IF successful, 2 points awarded).


  • IF a player takes too long to pick an action (>10 seconds), the player will automatically attempt a 2 Point Shot.

  • IF successful, 2 Points awarded.

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