As the very first simulated game style the NFT Leaguez is launching as part of the Alpha/Beta release, we have chosen a global favourite. 🔥

Twenty One (21) is a common style of pickup match between street ballers where the winner is declared by being the 'FIRST TO SCORE 21 POINTS'.


Both players will need to select & confirm the 3 characters they wish to use.

Both players won't be able to pick any substitutions.

Once teams are confirmed, it is final.

The first team to score 21 points will be declared the winner.


Once both side are confirmed by the players, the simulation will begin.

The 3 chosen NFT characters each have an 'INDIVIDUAL RATING TOTAL' ( IRT ).

Using the average total of the 3 characters provides a 'TEAM LEVEL' ( TL ).

This team level is influenced by having 'higher & lower' IRT from each character.

The higher the TL , the higher the probability of scoring more points faster than the opponent.

Remember, the 'higher' the overall ( IRT or TL ) score, it will give you a higher probability of winning.

There is an element of randomness within the algorithm, so even the 'lowest' performing NFT characters have a chance to win against the 'strongest'. ❤️

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