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ON THE RACK can be played by two (2) or more players.

The order of turns is established before the game starts.

Each player starts with twenty-one (21) points.

The game commences as the first player takes a shot from behind the three (3) point line.

If the first player makes the shot, one (1) point is added to the rack.

If the first player misses the shot, no points are added to the rack.

The second player then takes a shot.

If the second player misses the shot after the first player makes the shot, then the second player takes the rack.

For example:

If the rack is one (1), after player one (1) makes the first shot & player two (2) misses their shot, player two's starting score of twenty-one (21) now becomes twenty (20).

To avoid any confusion, 21 - 1 = 20.

If the second player also makes the shot, then the rack becomes two (2).

The game continues in this fashion as each player takes their shot attempts.

Each player that reaches zero (0) due to being dealt the rack, is eliminated.

The rack can hold any number up to twenty-one (21) points, as this is the maximum starting number of points for each player.

Once the rack reaches twenty-one (21), the rack simply becomes a visual representation of instant elimination.

If a round does end up with a rack of twenty-one (21) and a player then misses their shot, whether the player hasn't had any points deducted in a round, they will be instantly eliminated.

The last person in the game is declared the winner.

If a scenario arises where there are two (2) players left & both players have one (1) point left each, an automatic knockout begins. As soon as a player makes a shot, the next player to shoot & miss is eliminated, leaving only one (1) player with 1 point left.

Each game won will earn a team experience points (XP) that contribute towards the META CUP.

Watch this space.

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