This is in planning. No future release date has been set.

KING OF THE COURT is another simple contest.

Each round can be played from 1-5 players per side as long as both teams have the same number of players.

Normal basketball rules apply, such as shot clock violations, dribbling violations & fouls.

The gameplay flows like a regular game, however at each point scored or turnover, a new team rotates in to be on defence at the opposing side of the court.

The team that wins the round by scoring any points remains active.

The rounds can be continuous until their is no new team lined up to be on defence & take on the kings of the court.

A team that continues to score points can remain active indefinitely.

Each game won will earn a team experience points (XP) that contribute towards the META CUP.

Watch this space.

Stay tuned for future announcements via the NFT Leaguez Discord 👾

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